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C-Scope 14 x11" 2D COIL COVER for 3/4/6 MXI


Product Information

C-Scope 14 x 11" 2D COIL COVER for 3/4/6 MXI

Please note: coil covers are make, model and coil specific, they will only fit the coil stated, they will not fit similar size or looking coils.

A coil cover is an essential accessory for your metal detector, not only does it protect your detectors coil from damage and abrasion, but it will also help retain the value of your machine should you one day wish to sell it on. Detector with coils used with coil covers always command higher prices than those used without.

A coil cover is a push fit accessory, simply push it on to the bottom of your coil and away you go. The coil cover should always be fitted while using your machine, it will not affect the depth or performance in any way.

It is good practice to occasionally carefully remove the coil cover and clean out and dirt that may have worked its way in between the coil and cover.

Once the coil cover is showing signs of cracking or splitting from use, replace it with a new one to keep your coil protected.

Product Code: CS1411DMXICC

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