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XP Deus V4 with 11


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NEW DEUS V4 with 11" Coil and WS4 Backphones

with Coil Cover,WS4 Headphones & Mains Charger.

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The XP Deus revolutionised metal detector design being the first detector launched with its totally wireless format – no wires to the headphones! – No wires to the coil!

The Deus’ unique wireless configuration enables the user to either use the Deus as a standard ‘metered’ detector with the Remote on the stem, to use the detector without the remote with the headphones only!

How does this work? Well the user is able to control the Deus through the headphones alone if so desired, main settings can be selected and changes made via the small LCD screen and button controlled menu, amazingly packaged into a set of headphones a lot smaller and lighter than most conventional headphones! The remote can be switched off, left in the car or indeed even at home and the Deus will still fully function with just the coil, stem and headphones!

However the wireless features are only part of the Deus story. 

What is usually called the control box on all other detectors is now named the ‘Remote’ as this more adequately describes the main unit. On the Remote, (not much bigger than a standard mobile phone), the user can access all of the Deus programmes settings and advanced options, allowing the user to almost infinitely adjust the detector to his or her specific requirements.

The coil on the Deus plays a bigger role than just sending and receiving signals as with all other detectors, the Deus coil actually processes the signal information, and then transmits this in real time, wirelessly to both the remote and the headphones. 

The Deus with its ability to change between 4 kHz, 8 kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz operating frequencies, its multi tone audio, extreme sensitivity and depth capabilities, lightening fast processing speed and recovery rate makes it just about the only detector you would ever need to own either for use inland or on the beach. 

The Deus can be used in a variety of formats, be it, silent search motion, to true all metal non motion (with either visual or audio accept/reject), in high, medium or low frequency, either inland or on the beach, both dry and wet beach!, the Deus is truly a machine for all situations. 

Albeit that the Deus is extremely technologically advanced it is surprisingly very user friendly, both with accessing the menu’s making adjustments and interpreting the target information, there is nothing in its design that should send any technophobes running for the hills.

Not only are the headphones, Remote and coil very lightweight the construction of the stem allows for it to be closed up into a very compact form, ideal for transporting in a small rucksack, or back pack either in the boot of a car, or even for carrying as hand luggage on public transport.

XP really do seem to have paid attention to every detail in the design of this machine.




Digital wireless


36 automatic channels

Radio frequencies and Radio power

2.4 MHz/0.56 mW

Detection frequency

4 kHz, 8kHz, 12 kHz, 18 kHz + shifts


99 levels

Transmitter Power

3 levels


6 levels

Sound Curve

6 levels

Iron level

6 levels

Multi tones

1, 2, 3, 4 tones, Pitch + Expert

Ground balance

Tracking, Pumping, Manual, Wet beach


Yes, with adjustable window width


Motion/None Motion


Yes, audio and visual


Audio and visual

Iron discrimination range

82 levels

None-iron discrimination range

90 levels

Factory programmes

x9 (can be modified and saved)

Audio volume

Yes on wireless headphones




Product Code: XPD28WS4

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